Robin Hood defamed again

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October 30, 2011
The Libertarian Enterprise
by L. Neil Smith  
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"Once you boil away all of its high-sounding rationalizations, socialism is only a lame attempt to make stealing appear respectable. That's all it ever was, all it is now, and all it ever will be. ... Socialism pops up in some funny places. When the City Fathers -- Democrat or Republican -- steal your home or business to widen a road or build a park, or simply to give it to some other business that will probably pay higher taxes, that's socialism." (10/30/11)  
  • mcgoverntm

    Socialism is theft. Socialism is the confiscation of private property by the government. Socialism is the subordination of the individual to the herd. Socialism is a disease of the human spirit. Socialism makes extravagant promises to the herd that it can only keep by stealing from those who are productive. Socialism always wants more power to reach its goals and is therefore creeping communism. Socialism is not about Here and Now, it's about some idyllic state that will be realized sometime in the future. Socialism is evil.

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