How to be a 1 percenter

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October 27, 2011
The Nation
by George Zornick  
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"One of the chief complaints emerging from the 99 percenters camped in New York City and around the world is the sense that the top 1 percent have gotten away with something -- that no amount of malfeasance on their part could endanger their status. ... But financial professionals are only the third-biggest slice of the 1 percent. Executives of non-financial companies make up the largest share of 1 percenters. What maneuvers do they use to secure their advantage and protect themselves from any conceivable concession to the 99 percent? ... The common denominator, aside from maneuvering in unwieldy policy areas invisible to most Americans, is the money that the top 1 percent spends to influence the policy outcomes." [editor's note: This piece attacks the symptom, not the disease; the agencies with the power to grant these court favors are not mentioned, only the fat-cat lobbyists buying and shaping their decisions - SAT](10/26/11)  

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