Occupy Wall Street’s lack of focus

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October 27, 2011
A Passion for Liberty
by Tibor R. Machan  
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"There is no doubt that OWS folks can list numerous general failings that have occurred on Wall Street, plenty of misdeeds that have been perpetrated thereabouts, usually with the support of Washington’s politicians and bureaucrats. Yet there doesn’t appear to be much recognition of this within the ranks of the OWS folks. When they are interviewed they tend to lash out imprecisely, even blindly, and mostly at those in American society who are doing reasonably well, economically." (10/26/11)


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  • this might be the good news … it might mean many among the Occupiers are open to a new message, one which focuses not on "greed" but on accountability. Breaking the chain between the corporati and the government (without whose protection, the whole idea of "incorporation" would drastically transform or die?) should be the goal, with bringing the true fraudsters to arrest and trial along the way!

    Meanwhile, we may be seeing an entirely new form of 'community' arising in these Occupy actions, one that might one day offer an alternative to the win/lose paradigms of even our best 'free market' dreams … Too early to tell yet …

    We have 'war criminals' at home as well as abroad … bringing these financial thugs to justice may be as important as making the military ones pay.

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