What is it we wish to conserve?

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October 25, 2011
The American Prospect
by Patrick J. Buchanan  
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"The conservative triumph of the half-century was surely the election of Ronald Reagan, who revived America’s spirit, restored her prosperity and presided over her peaceful Cold War victory. Yet even Reagan failed to curtail an ever-expanding federal government. Did then the conservatives fail?" (10/24/11)

  • there is so much wrong with this commentary it's hard to know where to start. Russell Kirk is cited, but Buchanan says nothing of the real guts of his 'conservatism' — which was anti-interventionist abroad, and mostly live and let live at home! He sought not to change the ways of others (except for not initiating force or fraud); he was more concerned with promoting free markets and free minds among people receiving equal treatment under law. Buchanan has twisted all of that in this screed, and made it appear as if Kirk was one of the bedroom-invading Gestapo today's "social conservatives" applaud. Feh!

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