LAND: The week in review October 16-22

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October 23, 2011
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Commentaries on Feds' pot crackdown, The disenfranchised majority kicks back, We don’t need saving from moronic speech, the anti-war protest, Americans with an attitude, How Germany’s Pirates might sink the mainstream, Trying to empathize with the Wall Street demonstrators, Obama: A disaster for civil liberties, and Barney Frank connects defense cuts to Occupy movement

In the news, Alabama Immigration law blamed for bullying of Hispanic students, Texas Pols fight to stop Confederate flag license plate, Bill proposd to protect guitar owners after Gibson raid, Lawmaker says drug test bailed-out bankers & pols, College student uncovers alleged 2008 election fraud, 40 cops bust woman for sitting down, opening umbrella, Bo Diddley’s son arrested during Occupy Gainesville demonstration, Protesters arrested nationwide as Occupy Wall Street rallies hit monthlong mark
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