China’s political system more flexible than US democracy

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October 19, 2011
Christian Science Monitor
by Eric X Li  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"Change is in the air. By revolutions, elections, and other methods, governments are changing hands across a wide swath of the world. Two of the most notable peaceful successions are occurring in none other than the most important pair of countries in the world, the United States and China. In the next 13 months, America’s two-party electoral democracy will elect a president and a new Congress, and China’s one-party state will also produce new leadership. With the myriad of seemingly intractable problems facing human societies everywhere, people are again hotly debating: What is the 'best' system of governance?" [editor's note: Good to see someone exploring some other contexts (besides "demoncrazy") where liberty might flourish - SAT] (10/17/11)  

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