Biblical capitalism

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October 19, 2011
In These Times
by Thomas Ruff  
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"Until recently, 2011 had been a quiet year for the Christian right. Adopting the successful Tea Party blueprint, the first wave of 2012 presidential hopefuls -- including the candidates whose Christian cred was central to their political rise -- distanced themselves from divisive social issues in favor of popular anti-government themes. But just as religious rhetoric appeared to be receding from the political landscape, in August three-term Texas Gov. Rick Perry threw his hat in the presidential ring with a blend of politics and religion he dubbed 'The Response.' Perry is the first candidate to arrange a marriage of convenience between the libertarian Tea Party and the Christian right -- a pairing that has propelled him to the head of the Republican pack." [editor's note: Calling it the "libertarian Tea Party" is as incorrect as saying "the socialist Occupy movement;" otherwise, a good analysis - SAT] (10/19/11)  

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