What I heard and saw at the anti-war ptotest

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October 18, 2011
Strike the Root
by Robert Kaercher  
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"Many of my fellow libertarians may object that the downside of these anti-war demonstrations is that they’re usually dominated by various communistic and socialist ideologues. That was certainly true of this protest. There were more than a few signs claiming that free market capitalism had failed and that socialism was the answer to our current crises. There were plenty of 'revolutionary worker' newspapers and pamphlets on display. ... But it didn’t appear to me that there were very many takers for such dogma among the general crowd, which was a very diverse cross-section of middle American suburbanites, 'soccer moms' and 'soccer dads,' as well as gray-haired seniors and urban hipsters, in addition to the usual Lefty communist types one typically sees at such events." (10/18/11)


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