US Marines to Hannity: “F*ck off”

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October 11, 2011
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"At 'Occupy Wall Street' on Monday, two men in military colors who claimed to be Marines spoke to a cameraman with 'The Other 99 Percent' and explained why they joined the protest. Along the way, both men gave arch-conservative Fox News opinion host Sean Hannity a piece of their minds. 'These wars that are going on, I don’t believe in them,' one man said. 'I want my brothers and sisters to come back home. The bailout was a farce. It robbed American people.'" [editor's note: Readers should be aware that these Marines don't mince words, even when confronted by microphones and cameras - SAT] (10/11/11)  
  • Guest

    Neither one of those phonies is a marine! The liar on the left is wearing obsolete US Army style Camo which the USMC NEVER issued and a Marine does not wear the globe on each side of the collar. The liar on the right is wearing a foreign camo pattern (NATO or IDF?) again NEVER issued by the USMC. This is coming from a retired Marine. Those 2 punks are the ones that are full of it!

  • "Guest,"

    The camo you're saying they "never issued" (on the left) is what I was issued at MCRD San Diego in 1985 and wore for several years thereafter (a lighter camo/poplin was issued before and after that period, and of course we spent a lot of time in desert camouflage from 1991 on).

    I don't know what the Corps is issuing now. The stuff the guy on the right is wearing doesn't look like what I've seen, but then again I haven't seen Marine utilities up close for awhile.

    Neither guy is pretending to be in uniform. The one on the left is wearing a cap that says Marine veteran. I wouldn't say that sticking the Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblems from the alpha service uniform jacket on a woodland camo blouse shows much fashion sense, but it's a stretch to claim to be able to tell from the video whether these guys are, or ever were, Marines.

  • aynrkey

    The uniforms are legit. I was in the USAF, and I remember being issued the older cammies on the left, and remember seeing the newer ones phased in among the marines and the army.

    They were very calm and very professional in the middle of a protest where some people are acting crazy. That's not the way a punk with stolen honor behaves. Even when they told Hannity to fuck off they maintained their bearing and did so quite calmly.

    In the USAF we joke about the brain-power of Marines, but these guys are a very good representation of what a Marine should be.

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