Values Voter Summit: Why Ron Paul did well

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October 10, 2011
Christian Science Monitor
by Brad Knickerbocker  
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"At this weekend’s Values Voter Summit ... you’d expect a strong social conservative (say, Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum?) to do well in a mock election among Republican presidential hopefuls. But, no, it was libertarian Ron Paul who won the day, taking a relative whopping 37 percent of the vote -- way ahead of Bachmann (8 percent) and Santorum (16 percent), even besting current conservative favorite Herman Cain (23 percent)." [editor's note: Knickerbocker seems not to have noticed that Paul is a strong social conservative, and writes his victory off to stuffing the audience and thumping the Bible a bit - TLK] (10/09/11)  

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  • Jay

    “How dare those pesky Paul kids out organize every other campaign! Get off my lawn!”

    Tony Perkins sounds a wee bit vindictive.

    You could not just attend Paul’s speech, you had to register for the conference. There were electronic voting machines, not ballot boxes and you had to be registered to cast a ballot. Hat’s off to the Value Voters Summit for not stealing the vote when they could have.

    Ron Paul is a Christian, and he spoke a lot about issues that appeal to Christians and Christian conservatives. If the Value Voters Summit is as wise as I think they are, they might try to continue to accommodate the young people, energy and enthusiasm that Paul’s faction brought to the conference. His supporters filled two large rooms, standing room only: old people, young people, families, college students, black people and white people. I had never been to a Paul event before; I was quite surprised to see such a large and diverse group. All the reports I heard in the media were that he only attracts college students.

    The rest of the Republican candidates are all for one form or another of big government, pro-bail-outs, and pro-endless war. Please explain how that will be any different than Obama in November?

    America wants real change, and that’s why people came to see and hear Paul at the Summit.

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