Explaining ten years of war to a child

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October 9, 2011
Our Future Blog
by Terrance Heath  
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"This week, my eight-year-old son asked me a couple of questions about the war in Afghanistan. They were simple questions. Yet, both times I struggled to answer. The first question came out of the blue. 'Dad,' he asked me, 'Why did we go to war in Afghanistan?' I had to think for a moment. Not because I didn't know the answer, of course. Ten years ago today we went to war in Afghanistan, under 'Operation Enduring Freedom,' ... which happened a little more than year before our oldest son was born. Ostensibly, we went to war with Afghanistan because the Al-Quaeda used the country as an operating base, and the Taliban government allowed it." [editor's note: The word "allegedly" seems to fit in here somewhere - SAT] (10/07/11)


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