Obama, the ground-breaking President?

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October 9, 2011
The Huffington Post    
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"Americans love to claim about anyone they don't like in the White House that his latest exercise of power was "unprecedented." Nearly every program, edict, war, executive order, and piece of legislation is attacked for supposedly breaking new ground. ... It was actually something special when President Obama ordered the drone killing of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki. He was located in Yemen, a nation with which the U.S. is not officially at war. He was targeted for almost two years as a terrorist, an unlawful combatant, yet was not even given the watered down due process that has typified post-9/11 detention policy. He was killed not for having a proven role in planning terrorist attacks, but mostly for his vitriolic words directed against the United States." (10/07/11)


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