The case against democracy

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October 5, 2011
by Carl Watner  
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"Why does democracy appear to be the 'best form of government?' The answer to this question helps explain its persistence. Ever since political philosophers and politicians have tried to justify the State and the exercise of political power, they have been faced with solving the problem of political obligation." (10/04/11)  
  • I have always ascribed to L. Neil Smith's definition of what I have labeled "demoncrazy": the idea that 51% of a group may vote to kill and eat the other 49! Without some concept of individual sovereignty, allowing peaceful and non-coercive individuals to remain beyond the grasp of the mob's rule, it is no better than any other form of tyranny (and as Mr. Watner so ably shows, it can be far more dangerous a tool than mere dictatorship!)

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