The (pre-)occupied political media

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October 4, 2011
The Nation    
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"This morning on The Daily Rundown, host Chuck Todd and guests Jonathan Martin of Politico and Chris Cillizza of the Wash Post were having a good ol' time circling and recircling the deeply worn grooves over whether or not Chris Christie would run for prez, what his candidacy would do to a sinking Perry or to a rising but not-serious Cain, and on and on until they had to stop for a commercial break. 'But I could go on all day!' Chuck said, and at that, Martin got so excited he said (and I’m only slightly paraphrasing): Oh, please, let’s go on! Let’s never, ever stop! That sort of media pleasuring itself continued later in the show after word came in that Gov. Christie was going to hold a press conference to announce his decision." (10/04/11)  

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