NY: Psychiatrist working 110 hours per week

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October 2, 2011
New York Post    
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"He’s making mad money. A staff psychiatrist at Kings County Hospital who pulled in an astounding $515,700 in overtime reported working an average of more than 110 hours a week for a full year -- including one super-human stretch of 96 hours straight. Records obtained by The New York Post under the Freedom of Information Law show that Dr. Quazi Rahman clocked 3,820 hours of overtime in 2009, or 73 hours a week, on top of his regular 40-hour schedule. [editor's note: He's either money-obsessed or a workaholic, or both; too wacko to be diagnosing children -- even part time! - SAT] (10/02/11)

  • aynrkey

    Or he's falsifying his timesheets. Notice this was discovered by FOIA.

    • That occurred to me as the most likely explanation, too.

      • aynrkey

        I have a family member who works in medicine. She tells me stories about how the billing system works. A doctor can go into a ward, drop in on seven medicare patients, look them over quickly, read their charts, and then charge medicare seven hours – one for each patient. This only takes one hour to do.

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