LAND: The week in review September 25-October 2

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October 2, 2011
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Commentaries on the Occupation of Wall Street protests (To occupy and rise, Is the US a police state?, media coverage of police response to Wall Street protests , Creating political change?, Occupy or withdraw?, Correcting NYT “coverage” of Occupy Wall Street) The key to creating jobs, Banned in the US: The film you won’t see, A short history of the income tax, Is America still the home of the brave?, Berkeley’s “racist” bake sale, Dale Farm, And justice for all?

In the news, 700 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge, Columnist offers to fund drug tests for Florida lawmakers, Tennessee Mosque members celebrate groundbreaking, in Ohio Movement springs up reclaim sovereign state’s rights, Ogden, Utah police first-in-nation to use surveillance blimp, Saudi Arabian Women can vote, still get lashed for driving, Anonymous leaks details on cop who assaulted Wall Street protesters, Myanmar: Police stand by as protesters test limits, Vandy Prof says Christian student groups oppressed, Alabama judge says Go to church or go to jail, Thousands run in underwear to protest Utah laws, Prof sues Pittsburgh for zapping her while watching protest, and San Francisco tests its limits on public nudism

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