The REAL immigration problem

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October 2, 2011
Downsize DC
by James Leroy Wilson  
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"Immigration remains a hot, controversial topic. Republican politicians compete with each other on who's 'tougher' on immigration. They have it backwards. The United States doesn't need tougher immigration restrictions and enforcement. If anything ... We would be better off with MORE immigration!" (09/29/11)  


  • Sally Mae

    Yea,that's all we need is a person from Ghana.
    Gee,it would be nice to have some true immigration from Europe.
    People who can speak English,have skills.

    That's the problem in America,we have turned dark brown with tons of low skilled people.
    I don't mean that I don't like dark skinned people,but when you pick up a newspaper and it
    informs me I am now a minority(a white person is a minority in the USA ????) it is a bit weird.
    So many uneducated people,it's a problem.

    We need immigration alright,white people from Europe.

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