Failing school

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September 27, 2011
The American Prospect
by Paul Waldman  
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"When Republicans won sweeping victories at the federal and state levels in 2010, they no doubt realized their position was a fragile one. ... To stay in power, there’s no substitute for rigging the game, which they set out to do by passing laws through state legislatures that make it more difficult for people who are likely to vote for Democrats to cast votes at all. ... Getting rid of the Electoral College would not give either party a decisive advantage. It would just mean (gasp!) that whoever gets the most votes wins." [editor's note: Actually, it would mean that whoever got the most votes in about 10 big cities would win (which is how it works now); decentralizing the EC by congressional district would be a far better example of "democracy" - SAT] (09/27/11)  


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