The other execution tonight: Lawrence Brewer

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September 21, 2011
The Nation Blog
by Greg Mitchell  
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"If you are inclined to question capital punishment, it is not hard to protest the scheduled execution tonight of Troy Davis in Georgia. ... What really tests a principled position against the death penalty are cases like Lawrence Brewer. That’s why I was happy to receive, just a few minutes ago, an e-mail from the National Coalition Against the Death Penalty. Of course, it calls for last-minute action to save Davis. But it also includes this key section: 'We should also note the odd juxtaposition of the two executions scheduled for exactly the same time this evening. ... Please join NCADP in opposing the executions of both men. We stand against all executions without reservation.' The Brewer case certainly tests one's principles (as did, for example, the McVeigh case)." [editor's note: Either execution by the state is murder, or it's not - SAT] (09/21/11)  

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