How ready are Libya’s new leaders?

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September 20, 2011
The Christian Science Monitor    
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"As temperatures soared above 105 degrees F. and rebels took control of the Libyan capital in August, the failing dictatorship of Muammar Qaddafi had one last weapon: thirst. Deep in the desert, pro-Qaddafi loyalists shut off the wells and pumps that provided one-third of Libya’s parched population with water from desert aquifers, part of the vast underground 'Great Man-Made River Project' that Colonel Qaddafi dubbed the eighth wonder of the world. Suddenly, Libya’s long-expected post-revolution humanitarian emergency turned critical, with a desperate deadline. The United Nations raced to provide 11 million bottles of water to Tripoli by road, sea, and air. But much more needed to be done." (09/20/11)  

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