Why Obama should withdraw

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September 19, 2011
by Steve Chapman  
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"The vultures are starting to circle. Former White House spokesman Bill Burton said that unless Obama can rally the Democratic base, which is disillusioned with him, 'it's going to be impossible for the president to win.' Democratic consultant James Carville had one word of advice for Obama: 'Panic.' But there is good news for the president. I checked the Constitution, and he is under no compulsion to run for re-election." (09/19/11)


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  • I've been warning my Dem friends for months, that unless either (1) Barack steps down, or (2) another Dem puts his feet to the fire (and soon!) in the primaries battle … we get one of the GOP loonies on the throne in 2013!

    • I dunno … I'm still not seeing anything from the GOP that looks likely to knock Obama down in a head-to-head election. I suppose it's possible that "Americans Elect" might draw enough votes from the center for Bloomberg to elect a Republican with a plurality, but absent that and unless things get a lot worse for Obama, he's still set to roll right over Romney or Perry.

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