J Street opposes Palestine UN bid; US increasingly isolated

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September 18, 2011
The Nation
by Tom Hayden  
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"In a setback for progressive peace forces, J Street -- the liberal Jewish alternative to AIPAC -- has decided to oppose United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state this month. J Street is also urging President Obama to veto the statehood bid if it comes to the UN Security Council. The normally rational and liberal New York Times takes the same position, making an inflated claim that the UN vote would somehow be 'ruinous.' With Israeli-Palestinian talks chronically stalemated, however, it is difficult to understand what would be ruined by bringing the Palestinians further into the global diplomatic process." [editor's note: Other than referring to the Times as "normally rational" (and the "isolationist US" in the title) ... not a bad piece here - SAT] (09/16/11)


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