Doubts fester as Gaddafi hangs on

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September 13, 2011
Boston Globe
by HDS Greenway  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"The Devil’s Advocate dropped in for a chat the other evening, just as I was hoping to get some sleep. I can tell you, he’s not someone you want around if you value your peace of mind. 'You have to admit Khadafy’s shown some true grit,' said the D.A. in his usual annoying way. Oh, please,' I said, 'you are not going to sympathize with that tyrant.' 'Of course he’s mad as a March hare,' said the D.A., 'but there he is, having defied the might of the West for six months, like the Arab heroes of yore, and now on the run. His cause is lost, but he’ll be defiant ’til the end ... Libyans will remember Khadafy differently in the chaos that’s coming.'" (09/13/11)  

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