Should we accommodate religious intolerance?

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September 13, 2011
Classically Liberal
by CLS  
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"Having to see gay people is to Stacy being forced to 'tolerate immorality.' Okay, let’s run with that. Am I being forced to tolerate irrationality every time I see some Jesus-addict pray in a restaurant? Does the church I drive by force me to tolerate irrationality?" (09/12/11)  
  • Rich

    What's the difference between Jesus freaks and Alien Activity freaks?
    The Jesus freaks have more buildings, and so far at least, they don't worship aliens when they open sessions of congress (or the local district court etc.etc.)
    One thing seems certain about all 'faiths' and irrational beliefs (actually those who hold to them) – and that is, they will not be dislodged by logic, reason or common sense.
    I think the answer to your question is no – you are not forced to tolerate irrationality because you have to see a church when you drive through. They have the right to be irrational, assemble peacefully and celebrate or sacrifice together, no matter how absurd their beliefs.

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