After 10 years, still a fight for freedom

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September 11, 2011
Boston Globe
by Jeff Jacoby  
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"America's war on terror was launched when the heroes of United Flight 93 rushed the hijackers over Shanksville, Pa., aborting what would have been Al Qaeda’s fourth 9/11 attack. In the decade that began that terrible day, the goal of disrupting and crushing the Islamist terror network has been pursued with remarkable versatility: The United States has fought this conflict with military, diplomatic, and financial weapons; it has relied on aggressive intelligence-gathering and sensitive counterinsurgency; it has reshaped airline security and rewritten civil-liberties law." [editor's note: Hard to tell from this whether Jacoby approves of the depredations on our liberties he seems to see as "necessary" - SAT] (09/11/11)  

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