Glory days

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September 7, 2011
The American Prospect
by Paul Waldman  
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"If Democrats and Republicans agree on anything, it’s that the other side is radical. Each party looks at the other and sees people driven by a dangerous ideology that would prove disastrous were it to be realized. There may be no precise measure of radicalism that everyone can agree on, but there are a few clear markers. Radical ideas are, when introduced, usually supported by only a small minority of people. They propose to fundamentally alter things, not by making adjustments to the existing order but by transforming it." [editor's note: Too bad Mr. Waldman's 'radical ideas' (like those of most 'progressive' pundits) don't extend beyond larger and more powerful Statism ... just one with (somehow?) the 'right people' issuing the mandates - SAT] (09/07/11)  

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