The Obama Doctrine: Can he really lead from behind?

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September 6, 2011
Fox News Forum
by KT McFarland  
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"People have struggled to figure out if there is a theme to Obama's foreign policy, which so far is marked mostly by its inconsistency: Obama was against the Iraq surge, but in favor of the Afghan surge. He encouraged rebels in Libya and Egypt, but not in Iran. He criticized China over human rights but expects them to continue lending us money and buying our debt. The one unifying theme of the Obama administration's foreign policy, is we're not George W Bush. But the sell by date on that one is past due. But with Libya they've hit upon an Obama Doctrine -- it's called 'Leading from Behind.'" [editor's note: And doing so unilaterally, with NO Congressional "consent?" Even better! - SAT] (09/06/11)  

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