ME: Clawing back to lobster dominance

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September 5, 2011
The Boston Globe    
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"Lobster is as connected to this state’s image as its rocky coastline and thick forests. But for years, fishermen and others here say, Canada has been engaged in a kind of identity theft -- much of the lobster caught in Maine waters is shipped north of the border to be chopped, frozen or cooked, and packaged. The meat is then resold as a product of Canada ... [as] millions of pounds of Maine lobster lose their local branding, Canadian businesses are able to largely dictate the price, and the state loses out on much-needed jobs and revenue. Now, some locals are trying to take back the processing business, motivated by a growing market for lobster products, an environmental push to buy local, and a change in state law that makes it easier to sell lobster in parts: tails and claws." (09/04/11)  

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