Illegals get amnesty, rest are on the dole

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August 28, 2011
Las Vegas Review-Journal
by Vin Surprynowicz  
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"The problem here is not with Mexicans. Plenty of people of Hispanic extraction are great Americans and a vital part of our culture.The problem is that American citizens increasingly fear a federal government that will spend vast sums to entrap, arrest and imprison them for violating edicts that are absurd, which do not enjoy majority informed public support, and which blatantly violate the Second, Ninth or 10th amendments -- while this same government won't lift a finger to round up and question likely immigration lawbreakers who anyone can spot in a typical day driving around town, to enforce immigration laws that are a specified constitutional duty of the central government." [editor's note: Apparently Vin is referring to some Constitution other than that of the US, which not only includes no enumerated power over immigration for the federal government, but specifically forbids the federal government any such power - TLK] (08/28/11)  


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