What if Obama isn’t so smart?

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August 25, 2011
Washington Examiner
by Noemie Emery  
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"Eek! Another Republican moron is running for president, and the blogs on the Left are aghast. Another village in Texas is missing its idiot! Another s--t-kicking cowboy has messed with their heads. ... Either way, few on the Left doubt that neither is, as Steve Benen says, 'an intellectually curious, creative thinker, capable to examining [sic] complex issues in a sophisticated way.' Fortunately we have such a thinker, 'capable to examining' [sic] things to perfection, and that is the problem: President Obama is their ideal of a thinker. He is president, and he has been -- how to put it? -- a bomb." [editor's note: I'd settle for not-so-smart, if I could just trust 'em not to lie all the time - SAT] (08/23/11)


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