“Almost treasonous” vs. “terrorists”

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August 24, 2011
Orange County Register    
Posted in PND Commentary

"I am baffled by how critics of some Tea Party stars engage in rank hypocrisy. For example, critics, such as many commentators on CNN -- have been claiming to be utterly shocked with former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's polemical statements. He said, at one campaign stop, that it would be 'almost treacherous or treasonous,' if the Fed under [Chairman Ben] Bernanke increased the money supply before next year's election. ... This is characterized as some kind of intolerable, uncivilized outburst, not to be expected from any serious political candidate, even in the heat of election campaigning. Never mind that the vice president of the United States, just a week prior to Perry's hyperbole, said something more indiscreet about the Tea Party, [labeling them as] 'This small group of terrorists ...'" (08/24/11)


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