Lethal injustice

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August 16, 2011
Future of Freedom Foundation
by Christine Smith  
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"No political philosophy respects human rights, individual liberty, human dignity, and life itself more than libertarianism. Yet, one of the major civil-liberty controversies present in our society is largely ignored by libertarians: capital punishment. In 14 years of involvement in the anti-death-penalty movement, I have rarely met libertarians involved in the issue." (08/16/11)

  • The only answer to this dilemma is a truly free society where self defense is a given, rather than a game of Russian roulette. In the current situation, I don't find that lifelong incarceration at taxpayer expense to be any viable alternative, practically or philosophically. The "all life is sacrosanct" theme doesn't play well with the families of victims who did not have any real opportunity to defend themselves.

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