Motorola: Enemy or friend of Google?

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August 16, 2011
Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom
by Stephan Kinsella  
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"So let’s get this straight. Apple and Samsung are suing each other, while Apple relies on another division of Samsung for key parts. Apple and Microsoft -- and apparently RIM -- are using patents aggressively to stop competition, despite each having been hammered hard by others (including patent trolls) for patent infringement. Google, who seems to want patents for defensive purposes, lost out on the Nortel patent shield (acquired by its competitors Apple, RIM, Microsoft, etc.), but has paid billions of dollars now for patents from IBM and even from Motorola (recently its patent enemy), and may pay more for Interdigital’s patents -- in a continuing escalation of the patent war in the smartphone segment of the market." (08/15/11)  


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