Rick Perry’s neocon friends

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August 15, 2011
The Nation
by Robert Dreyfuss  
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"No one seriously believes that Republicans will nominate the wild-eyed, certifiable Michele Bachmann for president, and Romney the Robot isn’t setting Tea Party hearts aflutter. So it looks like Rick Perry, the Bible-thumping, secessionist hawk -- who’s already assembling a team of neoconservative advisers -- will get the nod to challenge President Obama in 2012. Were Perry to win, his victory -- especially if the GOP, as seems likely, conquers the Senate -- will speed the United States down the merry path to oblivion at least a couple of decades before the rise of China and India do anyway." [editor's note: So Dreyfuss already has the doomsday prediction down, as the worst-case scenario becomes fait accompli! - SAT] (08/15/11)


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