Barney Frank: NPR cut me off

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August 11, 2011
The Raw Story    
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"After three decades in Congress, it's understandable that Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has a lot to say -- too much to say, according to NPR. Frank gave an interview to Morning Edition Tuesday morning, and host Steve Inskeep had to interrupt Frank, he said, to cut back to local stations. Frank told Raw Story in a phone interview Thursday that he had been cut short because he was advocating for cutting military spending and advocating for saving entitlement programs. ... NPR ombudsman Edward Schumaker-Matos explained in a blog post Wednesday evening that the five minutes allotted for Frank to speak had run out." [editor's note: A likely story, or "that's show biz!"? You decide - SAT] (08/11/11)  
  • Jake42

    This is a non-story. NPR cuts people off frequently. They've got time slots that they must fit. If the guest isn't finished with what they are saying, they get cut off. Does Frank honestly think NPR is opposed to defense spending cuts to save entitlements? Not likely.

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