Educ. Dept. offer: Waivers on NCLB

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August 9, 2011
The Associated Press    
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"The Obama administration effectively gutted the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law Monday, giving states a way out of a decade-long policy that focused on holding schools accountable but labeled many of them failures even if they made progress. To get a waiver from the program, however, states must agree to a host of education reforms the White House favors -- from tougher evaluation systems for teachers and principals to programs tackling the achievement gap for minority students. The federal law, which requires every student to be proficient in science and math by 2014, is four years past due for reauthorization." [editor's note: the surv ival secret is revealed; you don't stop dumbass Federal legislation from happening, you just get an exemption when it does - SAT] (08/09/11)  

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