Mark Hatfield, 1922 – 2011

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August 8, 2011
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"Former Senator Mark Hatfield, a liberal anti-war Republican from Oregon, died on Sunday at age 89. In his 30 years in the Senate, Hatfield was one of the chamber's most consistent voices against war and for curbing military spending, often putting him at odds with his own party. He pushed to bring U.S. troops home from Vietnam and was one of two Republican senators to vote in 1990 against going to war with Iraq in the Gulf War. Hatfield died in a care facility in Portland, his long-time friend and former chief of staff Gerry Frank told Reuters." [editor's note: Hatfield was not only an antiwar GOP Senator, but a strongly principled libertarian on most other issues. His energy has been sadly missing from the Senate since he left it - SAT] (08/08/11)  

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