MA: Meals tax a lifeline for cities and towns

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August 7, 2011
Boston Globe    
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"Two years after the state authorized cities and towns to impose their own meals tax, communities are increasingly turning to the small surcharge to bolster finances battered by declining revenue and surging costs. More than 40 percent of all Massachusetts cities and towns, and most in Greater Boston, now assess the tax, which adds 75 cents to a $100 tab, and many are receiving enough money to save public programs and avoid layoffs. For residents, it’s yet another tax, albeit one so small many hardly notice. But for budget-crunched communities, the fresh source of money could not have come at a better time." [editor's note: Once again, this is a 'consumption tax' that allows individuals to choose whether or not to pay it, depending on whether or not they wish to 'dine out' today! Choice is involved, not coercion. - SAT] [additional editor's note: By that logic, the income tax isn't coercive either. Don't want to pay it? Don't work! - TLK] (08/07/11)  
  • MamaLiberty

    Indeed! The highway robber gives you a choice… your money or your life! What's not to like?

    And the restaurants can "choose' not to participate, along with their customers, I guess. Going out of business is probably not the choice they'd rather make.

    The tax is theft, Steve, no matter how you slice it.

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