The assassination of Abdel Fatah Younes

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July 31, 2011
by Justin Raimondo  
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"Younes was summoned to Benghazi by the NTC to discuss certain 'military matters,' according to the Official Story, but in reality he was under arrest and being detained to answer charges he was in secret communication with Gadhafi. He was murdered on the way, supposedly by members of the 'September 17 Martyrs Brigade,' a group said to have ties with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group -- essentially al-Qaeda-in-Libya. The Fighting Group is an officially designated terrorist organization whose assets are subject to seizure by the US State Department -- however, in this case, since that very same State Department is the primary sponsor of US intervention in Libya, one supposes that executive order 13224 is inoperative. Indeed, since US aid is flowing to the rebels, we can say with certainty that the assassination of Younes was funded by the American taxpayers." (08/01/11)  

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