Republic, Missouri has come unstuck in time

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July 31, 2011
Show-Me Institute
by John Payne  
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"[T]he school board of Republic R-III in Republic, Missouri voted unanimously to remove Slaughterhouse Five from its curriculum. ... [T]he decision was 'based on the complaints of Republic resident Wesley Scroggins ... the father of several home-schooled children,' who 'complained that the books advocate principles contrary to the Bible.' This is paradoxical. Scroggins home-schools his children, presumably because his values conflict with those he believes the public school instills. He is exercising his right to choose how his children are educated. I’m sure he would object if the state board of education told him what books were suitable for his children to read. How then can he justify restricting what other students can study in school?" (07/29/11)  

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