Big mess

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July 28, 2011
The American Prospect
by Monica Potts  
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"Last year, at the end of the first season of Sister Wives, a reality show about a polygamist family in Utah, Kody Brown took a fourth wife, Robyn. ... Bringing in a new wife did more than disrupt the family’s peace. It made the Browns the target of a criminal investigation under the anti-bigamy law that Utah had to adopt in order to enter the union. ... the Browns fled to Nevada after the first season ended. Last month, they sued Utah, arguing that the anti-bigamy law is unconstitutional under the First Amendment and Lawrence v. Texas." [editor's note: As usual, the issue is what "marriage" has to do with "state laws" ... and the law of unintended consequences! - SAT] (07/28/11)  

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