Defense on the chopping block

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July 24, 2011
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"In the disgusting spectacle of the talks between President Obama and the Republicans on cutting spending, there’s one bright spot: the Department of Defense is facing serious cuts. If one were serious about reducing the deficit without either slashing entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security or raising taxes one penny, here’s a simple solution: cut Pentagon spending by one-third, and voilà! There’s $2 trillion in deficit reduction right there. ... Of course, no one is seriously considering slashing the DOD budget by a third. But serious cuts are likely... [a]nd it’s got hawks and neoconservatives up in arms." [editor's note: Two comments: (a) call it "war budget" - far more accurate; (b) who SAYS "no one is seriously considering" a 1/3 cut in DOD? (oh, you mean nobody who "matters"?) - SAT] (07/22/11)  

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