National debt debate divides church leaders

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July 20, 2011
The Tennessean    
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"The debt ceiling debate in Washington isn’t just dividing political parties; religious leaders are speaking up on both sides of what they’re calling a moral issue. About 4,000 pastors nationwide, including 91 in Tennessee, signed a letter titled 'Listen to Your Pastors,' urging Washington not to cut welfare and charity programs .... 'It wasn’t spending on the poor that caused this deficit. Half of it was financing two wars off the books without paying for them and tax cuts to the wealthiest,' said Jim Wallis, the group’s president and chief executive officer." [editor's note: well, they got it half-right, citing the wars; now if they could just separate the concept of "tax cuts" from 'continued corporate welfare subsidies (including bailouts)!' - SAT] (07/20/11)


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