The fall of the house of Murdoch

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July 18, 2011
by David Friedman  
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"[I]f I read the accounts correctly, pretty much everything important was known to at least some people other than Murdoch's, and in most cases to some law enforcement people — one part of the scandal is the strong suggestion of corruption or incompetence by Scotland Yard. So why now? The obvious explanation is that it is not an accident. Someone has been plotting against Murdoch, accumulating scraps of evidence, lining up allies, getting everything prepared — and the trap has now been sprung. But who?" [satire] (07/14/11)  
  • The extract makes it sound as though I am serious; if you follow the link you will discover that I am proposing the miniseries version of the story.

  • Dr. Friedman,

    Shhh … the idea is to let them discover that themselves!

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