Joke’s on us at Twitter Town Hall

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July 12, 2011
Boston Globe
by Joanna Weiss  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"A week ago today, President Obama held the first, and possibly the last, 'Twitter Town Hall Meeting.' Depending on your perspective, it was either a sign that the president is down with the times, or the latest in a line of gimmicks meant to prove that politicians are down with the times. ... As viewed on TV, it was a sober and sedate affair, in which the president gave long, spoken-word answers to short, respectful questions. But everything looked much less sober online: Obama’s much-touted town hall was a playground for party crashers. And in a way, that’s the most heartening news of all." [editor's note: Clearly, the more the Pres (whomever it happens to be at the time) tries to dumb down the process, the more openings there are for open dissonance! - SAT] (07/12/11)  

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