Orlando CopWatch activist not guilty, goes to jail anyway

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July 10, 2011
Libertarian News Examiner
by Garry Reed  
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"Kurtz was arrested in the early hours of New Years Day in downtown Orlando while filming police officers who were making 'a violent arrest' .... Refusing to accept a plea bargain, Kurtz went to trial. He was subsequently found not guilty on the felony charge .... However, no one in America is ever arrested on a single charge anymore, and Kurtz was found guilty of an accompanying misdemeanor charge of Resisting Arrest Without Violence. The 'resisting' consisted of John Kurtz pointing his camera at officers and speaking the words, 'calm down, I am filming you' which is usually considered protected free speech under the US and Florida Constitutions, but evidently not in Orlando." (07/08/11)


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