Study: No evidence cell phone bans reduce crashes

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July 7, 2011
Fox News    
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"A comprehensive study on distracted driving has found there is no conclusive evidence that hands-free cell phone use while driving is any less risky than hand-held cell phone use. The study, which was commissioned by the non-profit Governors Highway Safety Association, and funded by State Farm Insurance, also found that there is no evidence that cell phone or texting bans have reduced crashes." [editor's note: Logically, there should be some effect; apparently stupid people driving do enough other dumbass things to blur the results? - SAT] (07/07/11)  
  • MamaLiberty

    Think about it, Steve. The "bans" on phones don't have any real affect because it doesn't stop anyone from doing stupid things… exactly the same way that gun bans don't stop stupid or evil people from doing stupid or evil things with guns.

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