Why should moving change the power of your political voice?

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July 6, 2011
Christian Science Monitor
by Timothy Rieger  
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"Imagine if Washington gave your politically opposite relatives vastly greater political power -- 10, 20, even 70 times normal -- simply because they lived in a small state. You'd be outraged, and rightly so. Yet that's exactly the situation we find ourselves in today with the US Senate. Because the Senate guarantees two seats regardless of population, the 563,000 people of Wyoming have as much influence in one-half of the federal lawmaking process as the 37 million people of California." [editor's note: And meanwhile those in smaller cities & towns have ZERO influence on their Congressional (House) voting (controlled by the largest cities, instead of being apportioned by district) -- as if anyone but the corporati really ever did ...) - SAT] (07/06/11)


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