Free trade, without apologies

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July 6, 2011
The Chicago Tribune    
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"International trade has been one of the most powerful forces for prosperity in the history of the world. But a lot of Democrats, including the one occupying the Oval Office, treat it as a mixed blessing at best, requiring reparations for the alleged victims. That's the source of the fight between the president and congressional Republicans over two things the White House wants: free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama and renewal of assistance to workers whose jobs disappear because of foreign competition. Republicans are agreeable to the trade deals. But the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which doles out funds for extended unemployment benefits, job training and relocation, is another story entirely. They think it amounts to largely wasting billions of dollars. They see no reason to hold free trade hostage to this boondoggle. And they're right." [Hat Tip to The Orange county Register] (07/05/11)  

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