War, the sickness of empire, and economic genocide

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July 5, 2011
Fr33 Agents
by Szandor Blestman  
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"I’ve made the claim for some time now that the economy is people. It’s you and me trading goods and services on a voluntary basis. It’s me providing you with my labor or something I’ve created, then you providing him with your labor or something you’ve created, then him providing her with his labor or something he’s created and so on and so forth. This is what makes economy, so it would make sense that the economy would grow as the population grows. It would make sense that the economy would shrink as the population shrinks. It would make sense that the economy would stabilize when the population stabilizes. But this is not what has happened. I believe this is at least partially because some people have been able to manipulate the mechanisms of economy in unnatural ways for their own benefit, and therefore to the detriment of most others." (07/04/11)


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